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The Cohiba Behike 52 is the little brother in the Cohiba Behike line. As is always the case, the presentation is beautiful, the oily chocolate wrapper is perfect. Lighting up appeals to the senses, filling the palate with earthy and spicy flavors. The medio...

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The Cohiba BHK 56, part of the BHK line, is the incorporation of a new leaf in the blend, the Medio Tiempo leaf. The Medio Tiempo leaves are the top two leaves of the tobacco plant and therefore they are exposed to more sunlight than the leaves on the...

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A beautiful vitola, in a silky and oily wrapper Maduro shade. The first puffs deliver enjoyable woody tones with a hint of spicy notes. As you go through the cigar, aromas of cocoa develop gradually. The smoke is ample and the draw comfortable. The final...

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As this cigar is considered to be on of Cohiba best cigars, it is not recommended to smoke it without a proper ageing in order to enjoy and taste its multiple qualities. The strong tobacco taste is predominant, perfectly combined with Cohiba typical grassy...

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